Saturday, October 13, 2012

About This Site

    With so many people struggling and trying to save lately, I decided to put together this blog as a way to help people out. This site focuses on programs that offer Amazon gift cards as a reward. Amazon cards never expire, and you can use several at a time, making it easy to save up for those big purchases, or to stockpile for the holidays. It's also fun to be able to buy yourself a little something every once in awhile without having to worry about it coming out of the bank account. 
  I have tried the majority of the sites you'll find here. Everything on this blog is meant to be general information to help you decide if a site or program is worth your time. Overviews will cover the following: 
  1. Whether or not I have personally tried the program.
  2. How to maximize your rewards with the program (if I have tried it).
  3. Ways to earn with the program.
  4. The program's referral method.
  5. My personal impression (if I have tried the program).

  Each overview will also contain a link to sign up for the site. Some of these will be my personal referral links. I would very much appreciate it if you could use these referral links when signing up for a site. It won't cost you anything, and you would be helping me to earn a little more. Some of the programs don't offer referral links. In this case, the link will go straight to the program's sign-up page. 

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your gift cards!


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