Paid Search Sites

So far, I've only tried one site that focuses specifically on searching. For sites that offer a variety of ways to earn, please see the GPT Sites page.

Bing Rewards

Bing, as you probably know, is Microsoft's search engine. They now offer a rewards program in which you can earn Amazon cards in $2.50 (yeah, I know) and $5 denominations. You can earn up to 15 credits per day by searching on Bing. Every two searches gives you one credit. There are also daily offers that are normally a credit apiece. 
  • Have I tried it?Yes
  • How to maximize rewards: Search often. If you search 150 times in a month (not as difficult as it seems), you become a Gold member. Gold members get discounts on rewards. In addition, check under your name for daily special offers. Occasionally, you will have the opportunity to earn several credits all at once (usually around 25).
  • Ways to earn: Searching, referrals, daily offers
  • Referral method: Facebook, Twitter, referral link
  • My personal impression: So far, I've only used Bing Rewards to get Xbox Live points, although with Christmas coming up I'll be starting to horde Amazon cards instead. I've been very pleased. I usually get my reward in my email within a few minutes of ordering it.
To sign up (Note: This is my personal referral link. If you're interested in signing up for Bing Rewards, please consider using it. Thank you!): Bing Rewards sign-up page