Survey Sites

There are surveys sites all over the place out there, so it can be tough to decide which ones to try out and stick with. I go over a few of them here. Some basics first: if a site wants you to pay to join, just pass them by. You're more than likely being ripped off, and there are plenty of valid free sites that don't require you to send them any money.

Ipsos I-Say

I-Say is the survey site I personally use the most often. Amazon gift cards are available in $10, $25, $50, $75 and $100 denominations. Most surveys pay either 45 or 90 points, with a $10 card costing 1,000 points. You won't qualify for every survey, but if you try to take one and get disqualified, they still pay you 5 points for trying. You may also occasionally get a free product to test and report on.

  • Have I tried it? Yes
  • How to maximize your rewards: Take surveys regularly. Not only will your points balance add up more quickly this way, if you take enough surveys, you'll qualify for the loyalty program. The number of surveys required for loyalty points ranges from 5 to 200, and renew every year. The amount of extra points you can earn this way ranges from 25 to 600. Referrals will also help.
  • Ways to earn: Surveys, referrals.
  • Referral method: Email, no referral link.
  • My personal impression: All in all, I've been happy with I-Say. At times, surveys can get a little tedious, but that's something you'll have to get used to if you want to get into taking surveys. I also like that I've gotten free products to test.
To sign up: I-Say sign-up page


After I-Say, Hotspex is the survey site I use the most often. Amazon cards are available in $10, $15, and $20 denominations.

  • Have I tried it? Yes
  • How to maximize rewards: Simply take as many surveys as you can. I was unable to find a loyalty program for Hotspex. Active referrals will help you build points.
  • Ways to earn: Surveys, referrals
  • Referral method: Email only, no referral link
  • My personal impression: Although I don't use Hotspex as often as I-Say, I have redeemed points for cards. This site also has a fun feature in which a prize wheel will show up in the middle of a survey. Simply click the wheel and you can win anything from a few extra bux (Hotspex currency) to an iPod Touch. 
To sign up: Hotspex sign-up page

Harris Poll

Out of the three survey sites I use, this is the one I use the least often. Amazon cards are available in $20 and $30 denominations, so building up the points can take awhile.

  • Have I tried it? Yes
  • How to maximize rewards: As with Hotspex, simply take as many surveys as possible. I was unable to locate a loyalty program with Harris Poll.
  • Ways to earn: Surveys only
  • Referral method: I was unable to find a way to refer others to the site.
  • My personal impression: Although I do occasionally use Harris Poll, it's not very often. I find that rewards add up more quickly on other sites. In addition, the lack of a referral feature doesn't impress me.