Tips and Tricks

Get Referrals
One of the best ways to build up extra points through GPT, survey and paid search sites is to get referrals. Often, every time someone completes an action, such as taking a survey or getting a search win, you'll get matching points. Get a lot of active referrals, you'll get lots of free points. That being said, it's important not to spam. Don't send referral links to people you don't know, as this can get your account deactivated. As a courtesy, I always ask if it's okay before I send someone my referral link. Nobody likes a spammer.

Take a Break if You Need It
Getting frustrated or bored? Take a break and don't stress over it. Just like with anything else, you're likely to be more productive if you're actually enjoying yourself.

Talk With Others
Talking with other people who are also into GPT, survey and paid search sites is a great way to stay motivated, and maybe meet some people in the process. For example, Swagbucks has a very active Facebook page.

Expect Spam
If you sign up for offers on GPT sites, expect to get tons of spam. I strongly recommend getting a separate email specifically for these offers.

Be Patient
These sites are great ways to earn a some extra money, but it does take time. I typically spend at least an hour or two a day on Swagbucks to reach the daily goal. I usually make around $55 a month this way, more or less.